50+ Merchant Navy Interview Questions Answers

Merchant Navy Interview Tips

Interviews have become a very integral step to recruit candidates. Be it for getting an admission in any college or institute, getting a job or a promotion. These steps have been included to select only worthy candidates or to cut off the competition. With the increasing competition, it has become more difficult to clear an interview. Merchant Navy has also witnessed this type of surge of people and that is why the interview has become an important step to select candidates. Although there are very little and simple things that we need to keep in mind before giving an interview. In this blog, I will be sharing some of the interview tips and tricks that will definitely help you to clear the sponsorship of any company.

  1. Communications Skills: I have seen students being too serious and being too casual while giving interviews. There is a way to talk properly and diligently. Most of the interviews are being conducted in the English language. So try to improve your communication skills. Do not be nervous and be confident.
  2. Knowledge & Confidence: You are called for interview because you already passed the written exam – that means you already proved your knowledge. So here’s a catch where confidence plays a big role. While in Interview, Interviewer is checking how confident you’re while giving the answers.
  3. Communication skills without knowledge is worthless. It is not the case that the interviewer is going to select you just on the basis of your communication skills. Knowledge is power, so to get selected in the company you should have proper knowledge about the post you are applying for. Many of the candidates lack in this thing. When people think about the Merchant Navy interview, they take it very casually and then fail miserably. Well, this is clearly a misconception that the interview round is merely a formality. It is actually an important round and you have to show your best side be it in knowledge or personality in that. 
  4. Knowing the Interviewer: You must have heard that the interviewer could ask you questions from anywhere. But certainly, this is not exactly the case. Interviewers have certain sets of questions to ask. But the main thing to focus on is you must talk to candidates who have already cleared that interview it will definitely help you a lot.

50+ Merchant Navy Interview Questions Answers

Merchant Navy Interview is quiet normal, not to be confused with SSB type of interview but a type in which the Interviewer tries to Judge you on the basis of your personality, knowledge, Processing power and Situational awareness.

Level of the Questions will vary Based on the type of Company or College you’re applying for like Anglo-Eastern takes in the cream of the lot, Tolani is another good college etc. A normal interview will consists of many questions relating from Knowledge based, IQ test, Syllabus based, General Questions related to anything, Personal questions and some General questions relating to Merchant navy.

1. Tell us/me about yourself

This question shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. It is a well-expected and popular question asked at almost all interviews. It gives the interviewer a perspective of who you are.

This question must be answered carefully! It may seem like a not so difficult question since it is about you, maybe it’s not so difficult, but the fact is, you need to be mindful of your answer. Frame your answer properly, do a mental check of your answer before voicing it out. Your reply judges a large percent of your performance during the merchant navy interview to this “not so difficult question. Keep your answer simple and straight to the point, nothing lengthy. Most people lose interest in the interviewer at the beginning of the interview due to a properly framed sentence. Frame your sentence well; try not to lose the interest of the interviewer.

2. What do you know about the Merchant Navy?

This is where your study and researches pay off. Gather accurate knowledge about the merchant navy before attending the interview to avoid being clueless when asked questions like this. As mentioned earlier, keep your answer straight to the point and short. You do not need to tell them about the merchant navy. they already know all about the merchant navy, just highlight what is significant.            

3. What is your reason to join the Merchant Navy?

Do not beat about the bush! Answer the question with confidence and, most importantly, think before you answer. Having a mental note about what you love about the merchant navy can greatly help you answer this question. You do not need to be too practical. Everyone knows that the merchant navy pays well. Adding an obvious fact is not a bad thing. just know how to package or arrange your words.

4. What are your long-term goals?

Pick your words wisely! Do not lose focus when answering this question and make sure your answer is in line with your ultimate purpose for attending the interview, joining the merchant navy.

5. What are your strength and weakness?

A typical interview question, right? 

This is typical, but the sensitive question asked during merchant navy interviews. Do not over-exaggerate your strength make it catchy but simple. For your weakness, please do not sell yourself too short. The merchant navy does not need someone with a deep weakness. In all, try to make your answer to this question light. Do not go into a lot of details.

6. How do you handle difficult situations?

Handling difficult situations tactically is an important merchant marine service. Your answer to this question should be tactical and should be answered wisely. Think before you answer.

7. Joining the merchant navy requires your presence on sea often. You will be a long way from your home. How will you cope with the feeling of being lonely onboard?

This shouldn’t be difficult to answer obviously, you would have thought about this question for long and hard before making up your mind to join the merchant navy. Being away from your family for a long time is not easy, but you chose your career yourself, so you have to think of ways to cope with loneliness. 

8. How will you cope with tough weather conditions at sea?

Keep your answer simple! Your answer could be that you will follow the instructions of your superior and follow safety/caution. 

9. Does your family approve of you joining the merchant navy?

You can answer the question truthfully. After all, your opinion counts more, especially since you are old enough to make decisions for yourself.

10.  What is your personal relationship like, how will you cope with your colleagues?

Before deciding to join the merchant navy, you are supposed to be aware that you need to socialize with your colleagues. Make sure your answer is pleasant.

With this article, you will be prepared to attend to questions in the merchant navy interview with less tension. Go through these interview questions, study them carefully, and develop excellent and appropriate answers to the questions.

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