Harsh Reality of Merchant Navy in 2023

Listen folks, I know you’re Influenced by Fake Instagram Reels & You-tube Influencers but have some courage to read through this and Get your Aspirations shattered……

Yes, the Harsh Reality of Merchant Navy in 2023

10 years from now, There was shortage of Merchant Navy officers in market and ships were growing in number. So there was huge demand of officer and they were paid high, a fresh third officer/4th Engineer used to get around 3500 to 4000. Even seniors were paid high.

They were in need, so they blackmailed companies. So as no body likes blackmailing. Companies thought about flooding the market. So with the help of government, these guys opened training institutes at each and every corner of India. So with in span of 5 years there was a big lot of fresh third officer/4th Engineer waiting to join Ships at any salaries. So company reduced the salaries to 2800. And like that they saved money on third officers.

Unfortunately at the same time recession hits the market, which resulted in laying of ships as well as freight prices reduced tremendously. For example – A bulky ship was getting 30000 dollars a day and it reduced to 4-5 thousands a day. On the other hand their daily running cost was 3000.. So to please the owners, shipping companies further reduced salaries from 2800 to 1500..

Not only salaries other benefits like free domestic flights, travel allowances, bonuses, business class flights, onboard other facilities were also stopped. Shipping companies even stopped respecting their Officers.

Now these flooding has reached to 2nd officers and third engineer levels. Its going to go on higher levels. Now still for some people these salaries would be high but compared what young officers sacrifice and work hard at seas. Its not paying well.. Merchant Navy is becoming difficult but salaries are being reduced.

Point to be noted: still some companies are paying good salaries. These are owner ship companies. But they are very few in no… Like google and Microsoft in IT industry.. But the major scenario is in very bad situation. And its going to be like this for next 10 years at-least and as Chinese are also coming onto ships. They are also going to reduce Indian officer. As Chinese are even Ready to work on 1000 to 1500 dollars.

Shipping is full of uncertainties. So think before you sacrifice your life..

A Old Captain shows his regret,

Thanks for your honest answer which puts the current job situation in the right perspective. I have been screaming myself hoarse trying to make the aspirants understand the risk of this profession but they are blinded by replies from paid individuals representing training institutes & of course the high salaries. I went out to sea at 20 in 1978 & sailed for 37 years. Its a far sorrowful cry from then to now, but no one is listening. Your input helps these aspirants save themselves & their parents a lot of wasted money. Thanks again.

In the future, will the salary reduce due to recession and flooding in the Merchant Navy?

Welcome to the future! The future you were afraid of has arrived.

Salaries being reduced is only half the story. People, especially the freshers who’ve just finished training are waiting for years (that’s correct years!) to get appointed on their first ship as cadets. Even those who have completed their competency exams are waiting in the dark with no jobs. Partly this is due to the corruption that is eating away our country, like in all other departments. Unscrupulous Agents and middlemen have entered this field, pay money to the HR staff of companies, even threaten them with rowdyism and give jobs to their candidates. In some companies, the top management is not even aware of this. My friend who has been waiting for THREE freaking years to get a ship as a Deck cadet gave up searching after losing all hopes. He was called for an interview, but later told the vacancy was taken up by a union candidate.

There are fresh trainees paying money (whose parents have it), then there are those who have sold all their property to enroll their children into Marine engineering or Nautical sciences. Then they are asked to pay money (in lakhs) to get them a job. Once they get a ship for training and complete their exams, they are asked for more money to get their first ship as an officer. Many such poor families are resorting to suicides.

I’m writing this answer with a lot of anger in my heart. And frustration. How inhuman can people get, and what the greed for money can do to us, it’s unbelievable. I think in India, there is something seriously wrong at the very foundation levels of our thinking. We are collectively suffering from mental disorders. The entire country! There is no sign of a civilized nation anywhere near us when it comes to bribes, corruption and looting, scams, fakeries and apathy among citizens. The jungle tribes in Africa are much civilized than us they have some law and order.

IMO (International Maritime Organization) has come up with new laws to curtail this menace, of manning corruption in shipping, specially in countries like India. But I don’t see the new regulations in force here.

I’m sincerely praying and hoping for a better future. A future where hard working students are given jobs which they rightly deserve, and opportunities to grow, here in India. So they don’t have to leave the country in search of a better future elsewhere.

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  1. So, Sir we can join merchant Navy or not and if join so how and what’s the future of merchant Navy according to you.

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