How to become a Oiler in Merchant Navy ?

Oiler also called as Motorman is a important rank in the the Engine Department of a Merchant Navy ship.

Oiler comes under Second Engineer and his job is to follow the orders given to him by Second Engineer or the Duty Engineer.

Oiler assists the Engineers with the maintenance and keeps the areas allocated to clean and neat.

On a UMS (Unmanned Machinery Space) ship, the oiler will also take a UMS round with the Duty Engineer.

Normally there will be 2 oilers present on a ship, but this number will differ from ship to ship and company to company.

If you want to become a Oiler in Merchant Navy, you have to do The General Purpose (GP) Rating Course.

Course Duration and Eligibility Criteria :

The General Purpose (GP) Rating Course is 6 months course.

Candidates with a minimum of 40 % marks in 10th Standard from a recognized Board with Science, Mathematic as subjects and also have a minimum of 40 % marks in English language either in 10th, 12th or diploma / degree exam can apply for this course.

The candidate should age between 17.5 to 25 years at the time of commencement of the course.

The candidate should be medically fit, the medical tests will be carried out by the DG Shipping approved doctor at the time of admission.

Course fees :

The General Purpose (GP) Rating Course fees varies from institute to institute.

The total course fees will range between 2,00,000 – 3,50,000 rupees.

Top Colleges in India :

  • BP Marine Academy, Navi Mumbai.
  • Mumbai Maritime Training Institute, Mumbai.
  • NUSI Maritime Academy, Goa.
  • AMET University, Chennai.
  • Coimbatore Marine College, Coimbatore.
  • TS Rahaman, Mumbai.
  • Yak Educational Trust, Mumbai.
  • The Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies, Mumbai.
  • Maritime Education Training and Research Institute, West Bengal.
  • UV Patel College of Engineering, Gujarat.

Career Path :

After passing the GP rating course, the candidate will join a merchant navy ship as a wiper.

After gaining the experience in the wiper rank, the candidate will get promoted to the oiler or motorman.

Normally the wiper has to do minimum three contract to be eligible for promotion.

Please note that the promotional criteria may differ from company to company.

The oiler’s contract duration will be (9 +/- 1) months. But there are some companies who started offering (6 +/- 1) months contracts.

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