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Complete Process of Doing 2nd Mates After Completing Seatime (Cadetship)

When I joined sea, I was merely a Fresh wooden boat – going with the flow. It was shocking experience for me to join 4 Months 2nd Mates course at Maritime Training Institutes by paying approx 50k just for 4 months of course which followed by endless course (DG Course + Modular + Refreshers blah…

Most Asked Questions About Merchant Navy FAQ

30 FAQs Regarding Merchant Navy: Answers to Common Questions The merchant navy is a fascinating and dynamic industry that offers exciting career opportunities at sea. Whether you are considering joining the merchant navy or simply curious about this field, here are answers to 30 frequently asked questions (FAQs) that can provide you with valuable insights….

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Merchant Navy Height & Weight Criteria – Navy Minimum height

Every person wishing to sail as a seafarer must have an MCA Medical certificate, which is provided by a DG Shipping-approved medical practitioner. Candidates must qualify for the eligibility test standards set up by the government of India. This blog will discuss the height and weight eligibility criteria required in the Merchant Navy. Is there any…