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There is NO Official Merchant navy website,

Merchant Navy Official Website Do Not Exists because it is an Private Navy which is regulated by DG Shipping, Government of India and for Maritime education and training by Indian Maritime University (IMU). So, below are the Official Merchant Navy Websites to Trust

How to Join Merchant Navy in India (No Fraud, Real Way)

Join Merchant Navy in India after 10th, 12th or after Read this complete Guide on Different Departments and Ranks and Steps to Join.

How to Make a Career in Merchant Navy?

The only step by step guide on – How to make a successful career in Merchant Navy? which will clear all your doubts regarding the Joining process and save your from the Trap of Fake Merchant Navy Colleges and Agents.

Harsh Reality of Merchant Navy in 2024?

The bitter Truth these Fake Instagram Influencers and Sponsored Youtubers won’t tell you. Be-aware kids before its too late.

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How is the merchant navy different from other Indian Navy?

Merchant navy is commercial marine services responsible for shipping cargo from one place to another. Merchant navy is the backbone of international trade because it transports freight and carries cargo to different parts. The job requires extensive travelling and allows you to explore exotic places around the world.

It is a commercial form of sea career and governed both by government and private shipping companies. Furthermore, defence or the Indian navy refers to the nation’s maritime military wing. It is the unit of the country’s armed forces and is in charge of the nation’s sea security.

Is the merchant navy a promising career?

Yes, it can be a good career option because of the following reasons:

  • Higher salary: a job in this field is lucrative because of the higher salary and growth potential. Also, most of these jobs offer other perks along with the salary.
  • Chance to travel: as you transport goods from one place to another, you may get a chance to travel to different parts of the world.
  • Exposure to different cultures: a professional working in this field often meets people from different cultures and nationalities. It helps them learn nuances of other cultures and increases their adaptability to work with individuals from different countries.
  • Extensive work exposure: as you may spend most of your work hours on the ship, you are likely to face unprecedented situations and emergencies. Therefore, the exposure and learning you receive from this job profile is extensive and unmatched.

Is merchant navy a government job?

Merchant navy is both a government and private job. If you work for the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), you work as a government employee. Apart from SCI, the majority of other companies in this field are private entities.