What is Fire Wallet? Contents, Purpose and Location of Fire Wallet

Fire Wallet is a wallet type arrangement (Box shaped, or Cylindrical enclosed container type) usually located near the Entrance of the accommodation of the Ship which contains various Important Plans, Crew list and other Important Information required for Immediate reference in case of Emergency.

Contents of a Fire Wallet?

Below mentioned are the basic Contents of fire wallets which needs to be required for Immediate reference in case of Emergency.

  1. General arrangement plan.
  2. Shell expansion plan.
  3. Ventilation plan.
  4. Fire fighting equipment plan.
  5. Position of all watertight doors.
  6. Stability information, cargo plan cargo manifest- if dangerous goods carried.
  7. Crews list.
  8. Electric data.
  9. A cargo plan with any dangerous cargo being specifically mentioned

Where is the Fire Wallet Situated?

Fire Wallet is kept at Gangway both Port and Starboard side while at port and is usually on the Port and Starboard side of the Ship’s Accommodation.

How to Identify a Fire Wallet?

Identify it by its bright Red color. It is a upside down Pipe like cylindrical container which is Watertight. It is always kept closed and upside down, so that it’s not affected by Rain and moisture.

Please Note,

  • Fire Wallet is always kept updated and is monthly Inspected for any degradation in structure, water tightness.
  • Crew List and contents to be Updated for every Voyage and before Port arrivals.

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