Is Merchant Navy a good career option for Girls

Merchant navy is a very challenging field, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Merchant navy does offers very good salaries and a lot of travel opportunities but it also demands a lot of courage and patience. In this article, we are going to discuss about the opportunities and challenges a girl cadet faces during her tenure onboard ship and the type of mindset she should have if she wants to make a good career in merchant navy.

Advantages of working in Merchant navy :

Firstly, let’s discuss the about the perks of working in the Merchant navy,

1) Seafarers do get a handsome salary and because of this they become independent at a very young age.

2) Seafarers do get to travel around the world at free of cost.

3) Seafarers do get a long vacation where they could spend the valuable time with their family and friends.

4) Seafarers also get to work with different nationalities which helps them to learn about different cultures.

5) Seafarers work as a team onboard ship. They tackle the various problems they face at sea with proper coordination and team work. These qualities does help the Seafarers in their personal lives too.

Disadvantages of working in the Merchant Navy :

As any other profession, merchant navy also has its own disadvantages let’s discuss them one by one,

1) The normal contract duration of the seafarers is between 4 to 9 months and they have to stay away from their loved ones for that much time.

2) The work schedule, job responsibilities and weather conditions also affects the seafarers both physically and mentally.

3) The sign off of the seafarers also depends upon various factors which also takes a toll on the mental health of the seafarers. 

4) Some seafarers also feel homesick and this affects their mental well being.

5) Some seafarers find it difficult to adjust with rolling and pitching of the ship during the bad weather conditions and they face the problems like vomiting, headache, no proper sleep etc.

6) Sometimes the internet and satellite phones stops working in the middle of the sea and due to this the seafarers can not contact with their family for some days.

7) Long contract durations also affect the social life of the seafarers.

Merchant navy a good career option for girls ?

Yes, the conditions at the sea are difficult and merchant navy is a very demanding job but by no means we can say that it is not a good career option for girls. I have personally sailed with many female seafarers who love sailing and are very good at it. There are many fields where women are ahead of men and sooner or later they will do the same thing in this field also.

If any girl wants to work in the merchant navy then she should make up her mind by considering the challenges she is going to face at the sea and not only by looking at the brighter prospects of working in the Merchant Navy. If she has great passion and strong will of making a successful career in merchant navy then, only sky is the limit for her.

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