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Complete Process of Doing 2nd Mates After Completing Seatime (Cadetship)

When I joined sea, I was merely a Fresh wooden boat – going with the flow. It was shocking experience for me to join 4 Months 2nd Mates course at Maritime Training Institutes by paying approx 50k just for 4 months of course which followed by endless course (DG Course + Modular + Refreshers blah blah…………)

Sip in some water…. This is one long post to read

Once you finish your sea time, make sure you have the following documents with you which you will require gradually as you proceed further which are as Follows

  1. Documents for SSTP (Structured Shipboard Training Program)
  2. Completed Projects, Activities, Supplementary Workbooks, Cadet Record Book as per https://www.imu.edu.in/images/circulars/Circular%201653-%20SSTP%20Guidelines.pdf
  1. Completed certificates- Bridge Watchkeeping, Port Watches, Engine Room Watches, Steering Certificates (signed, stamped, remarks complete), All records to be made accordingly.
  2. Indexes should be complete and in the format as required (date, page numbers, STO signature)
  3. Specimen signatures for the record book to be completed.
  4. Ask your company to issue a Sea Service letter.
  5. Task Exemption certificate (in your company’s format- generally format provided by the company).
  6. If you have done tankers- Oil / Chemical /Product, make a certificate onboard regarding what cargoes you have carried so that you can use that evidently and ask your company for a letter specifying the same. This will help you in application of your DC endorsement.
  7. Collect SSTP certificate from the pre sea maritime training institute on successful completion of SSTP.
  8. A cadet is eligible to appear in the Semester III, IV and V examination on successful completion of the SSTP. Read the circular again for the application and process. These exams are required to be appeared for if you want a B.Sc. degree from IMU. It takes about 50,000 Rs. extra (as of 2024) to get the degree (including examination and registration fees).
  9. Plan your courses beforehand because if you’re continuing in the same company after you clear second mates, you have to complete the same in a stipulated time to be eligible for Examination Bonus benefits.
  10. Semester VI consists of 4 months shore based preparatory training for Second mate examination (Functions) (Estimated cost– 50,000 INR ) at a DG approved institute and modular courses that can be done along with semester III, IV, V.
  11. The modular courses required to be done are-
  1. Proficiency In Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (Estimated cost– 6000 INR)
  2. Advanced Training in Fire Fighting (Estimated cost– 6000 INR)
  3. Medical First Aid (Estimated cost– 3200 INR)
  4. Radar Observer Simulator (Estimated cost– 8000 INR)
  5. Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (Estimated cost– 6500 INR)
  6. Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (Estimated cost– 9500 INR)
  7. General Operator`s Certificate for GMDSS (Estimated cost– 33,500 INR)

These costs are average and may be lesser for other institutes and they do not include Accommodation, travelling and food expenses (Do not forget to add other Misc. expenses)

After completing all of this, you can apply to the respective MMD for further written and oral exams. I will update further information with time but this information is good enough to kickstart your Second mates preparation.

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