Merchant Navy Frauds

Employment frauds in Merchant Navy are on High Rise.

According to a Research conducted 6 out of 10 Aspirants are fooled by Fake Merchant Navy websites, Fake Agents and Sub standard Merchant Navy Colleges. It’s a great career for sure but your wrong decisions can end you up in Loss of Money, time and Jobless Career.

Fraud Report

Why Merchant Navy Frauds Happen?

Merchant Navy is a Great Profession but

But the problem is that most of Aspirants are not fully aware of this profession and are usually Misguided and Exploited by the Greedy Agents, some fake institutes and Agencies and become prey of ongoing frauds in Merchant navy.


Stay away from Agents who PROMISE you of Merchant Navy despite your Low Marks/Grades

Remember Merchant Navy like any other career demands Good IMU-CET Score and 10th/12th Marks along with Good communication skills.

Be aware of FAKE Websites

They will use really catchy lines such as “Join now to earn 100,000 Rs per month onboard ship.”

Huge Number of Students are losing Lakhs of Money to Fake Agents and Sub Standard Colleges offering Fake Diploma

Where there is Demand of Money – Stay away from there.

Huge Number of Students are Leaving Merchant Navy after 4-5 years of experience because of NO JOBS

These students keep paying lakhs of money to Agents to keep Joining Ships and after 4-5 Years when they’re out of Money – Students QUIT and blame Merchant Navy for their own Negligence.

Merchant Navy is a Job with No Gurantee

It means you work on Contracts and your Employer only pays you for when you’re Onboard Ship and Next time that Employer has no liability of again Emloying you.

Lot of Students are scammed and are being Employed in Arab countries at very low Wages.

Agents Dupe lot of Poor students from Indian states like UP, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and send them on Sub standard Arab Ships – where there’s no Safety of your Life. (Very few are able to come back)

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How to Join Merchant Navy in India

Just Follow the Steps mentioned in this Step by Step Guide on How to Join Merchant Navy in India without paying anything to anyone.

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