Merchant Navy Frauds

Employment frauds in Merchant Navy are on High Rise.

According to a Research conducted 6 out of 10 Aspirants are fooled by Fake Merchant Navy websites, Fake Agents and Sub standard Merchant Navy Colleges. It’s a great career for sure but your wrong decisions can end you up in Loss of Money, time and Jobless Career.

Fraud Report

Why Merchant Navy Frauds Happen?

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How to Join Merchant Navy in India

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Merchant Navy SCAMS

How to Avoid Frauds in Merchant Navy?

Merchant Navy Frauds are the Biggest SCAM business going on in Indian Market right now. Here’s Everything you need to know before Joining any Merchant Navy College

Merchant Navy Latest SCAMS

There’s thousands of new aspirants getting scammed and duped every Months. Read Full Report Here

Reality of JOB Placements in Merchant Navy

Unveiling the Harsh Truth and Challenges Faced by Deck Cadets and Trainee Marine Engineers in Job Placements