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A common problem faced by Merchant Navy graduates today is ” employment frauds “. Around 2010, there was a time in the shipping industry where the demand to supply ratio of the Merchant Navy graduates was not adequate and hence many Merchant Navy institutes got opened during this time.

This ensured that enough supply was available to the rising demands of the shipping industry but more and more institutes got opened and then the time came when the supply of the shipping graduates was considerably more than that of the demand.

This lead to the emergence of the recruitment agents who helped the job seekers in getting their desired jobs in exchange of some employment fees but some fake agents also came along and then started the employment fraud.

1. Merchant Navy Aspirant gets scammed of Rs 4.5 lakh on promise of job

A Merchant Navy Aspirant got tricked into the business of promising jobs with a huge sum of money. The victim was duped of Rs 4.5 lakh by three men who promised the aspirant of getting his dream job. A FIR has been registered and further investigation is going on.

Three men recently scammed a Merchant Navy Aspirant on the pretext of promising the dream job of the aspirant. The men duped Rs 4.5 lakh from the victim named Sumit Kumar Sonkar who had completed his final year three years ago.

As per the news agency IANS report, the men conned the aspirant named Sumit Kumar Sonkar who belongs to the Ashiana Locality was made to stay in a five-star hotel in Mumbai and was taken to Delhi for an interview by the three fraud men. The reports of the police said that Sumit Sonkar was introduced to the prime accused Avanish Singh from Gorakhpur through a common ally when Sumit was in his final years of Merchant Navy Course three years ago.

The prime accused Avinash took a sum of Rs.50,000 from Sumit Sonkar as a processing fee for his application for the job and later the accused Avinash along with the two other men Nitish Kumar Singh and Pratik Singh took the victim to the office of Frontline Ship Management Office in Andheri East, Mumbai and introduced Sumit to their ‘senior’ Ajay Verma and was asked to go through an interview and a medical test.

The IANS report further mentioned that victim was asked to pay Rs.4 lakh for medical, joining fee and other expenditure and by June 2019, Sumit had paid the amount. Sumit was staying in the hotel for two months and spent Rs.65,000 on expenses. He kept asking Avinash about the appointment letter but the accused was delaying it. He contacted the company for which he was selected and that is when he was told the letter was fake.

Sumit even confronted Avinash who told Sumit that his fees will be given back but was never done and the victim then approached the police. As per the report, FIR has been lodged and the investigation is going on.

Source: TimesNow

2. Jaipur: Man dupes youths by promising merchant navy jobs, FIR lodged

Several youths lost money worth over Rs 5 lakh and one of them even got stranded in a foreign country after they were duped by a man promising them jobs in leading shipping companies.
The FIR was registered at Chomu police station on Tuesday by Ritesh Kumar. Kumar in his complaint said he met a man online who promised him a job in the merchant navy. The complainant contacted his friends Ram Mishra, Rishab and Ankit, who had attended the same course in the merchant navy in Chennai. The accused demanded Rs 2 lakh each on the pretext of preparing documents for placements in different companies.

Kumar said the accused promised Rishab and Ram that he had found jobs for the duo in Iran. While Ram could not go, Rishab flew to Iran, but he got into trouble because he was sent to a different company than promised by the accused. As per the FIR, Rishab got stuck in Iran and even had to pay 584 US dollars. He sought help from the Indian embassy there to get out of the country.
Kumar and his friends then confronted the accused. The accused in turn told them to be patient and promised them that they will get jobs but later began dilly-dallying. The FIR further states that the accused finally told Kumar and his friends that they could go to a company in Mumbai where a man will help them.

Kumar went to Mumbai to meet the company’s representative. The complainant, however, said that the man refused to know the accused. He also told Kumar that some men in search of jobs had arrived even in the past few months. Kumar said he finally realised that he and his friends had fallen victim to fraud and filed a complaint. The police initially did not act on complaint following which he sought court’s help to get the FIR registered.

Source: Times Of India

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