How is Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy – Review

How is Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy is the Most wandered question by New Merchant navy aspirants, so Here we’re making things clear for you.

Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy (AEMA) is one of the best Nautical Institute in terms of facilities provided to the cadets be it Academics, Sports, Practical Navigation training, Seamanship training etc.

Now a days, they are training their cadets via VR glasses which helps them to get familiar with structural design of a ship. They also have a simulator which makes a cadet feel like as if he/ she is having the con of the ship.

Apart from all these facilities, they provide computer based training and also encourage their cadets to participate in sports and intercollege events like Nautica.

Most importantly, since a cadet joins the academy after getting the sponsorship, hence his/her employment onboard a ship is guranteed.

PS: If u intend to join Merchant Navy, then go ahead and join AEMA without any doubt. U will definitely get employeed once you get the sponsorship letter.Anglo Eastern is a leader in this profession, managing more than 600 ships.

Courses offered in Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy – AEMA

All courses conducted at AEMA are approved by the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS), Government of India and are conceptualized as per IMO Model Course and STCW Guidelines.

1. DNS (Diploma in Nautical Science)

A 12-month residential course leading to a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Nautical Science after completing 18 months sea-time and passing Exams; the gateway to becoming a Navigating Officer in the Merchant Navy.

2. Graduate Marine Engineering (GME)

An 8-month residential course introducing the graduates of Mechanical Engineering or Naval Architecture to the world of modern, intelligent engines and machinery onboard ships.

3. Electro Technical Officers (ETO)

A 4-month residential course preparing the graduates of Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation Engineering for the responsibility of using modern electrical and automation systems onboard ships.

4. Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW)

Short-term specialised safety courses mandatory for all seafarers under IMO STCW Convention and approved by DG Shipping India.

AEMA’s greatest strength lies in its faculty. Top level professional, academic faculty and instructors have been carefully chosen based to the special knowledge and skills that they bring to the institute. AEMA intends to go much beyond just teaching the university syllabus.

We intend to ensure that the cadet not only acquires good technical knowledge and obtains his diploma, but over the one year in the campus imbibes Officer like Qualities, builds character, develops communication and soft skills and acquires dexterous skills in practical application of seamanship, navigation and cargowork. A culture of safety, discipline, industriousness,

Placements at Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy

Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy (AEMA) is owned by Anglo-Eastern Group which is a Leading Ship Management Company operating more than 600 ships worldwide and has been awarded by the Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India as the ‘Best Foreign Employer’ 12 times and ‘Most Compassionate Employer’ 3 times.

Company has earned many accolades including the award for the maximum number of Indian Seafarers abroad.

  • All the cadets/trainees pursuing pre-sea training at AEMA are pre-sponsored by Anglo-Eastern Group helping us to maintain 100% placement records.
  • Students who are enrolled in AEMA, are already hired by Anglo Eastern group. Hence students of AEMA have the job security during their course as well and are saved from a lot of physical and mental hassle.
  • Once the cadet/trainee successfully completes his/her pre-sea training gets placed on the ship managed by Anglo-Eastern Group for further onboard training.
  • Most Important factor for candidates searching for Best Merchant Navy College is the Waiting period and it ranges from college to college and AEMA promises you a minimum waiting period which is the time gap between course completion and joining a ship and/or duration between two ships.

Anglo-Eastern Ship management offers a minimum waiting period which is the time gap between course completion and joining a ship and/or duration between two ships. AEMA is the best institute in industry who facilitates joining the on board training within 6 months of completing the final course. And that’s why, AEMA students don’t have to go through a long waiting period. One of the many features that makes AEMA stand out, is the availability of various ships during the on board training which in turn gives the cadets a wide experience of shipping. AEMA cadets/trainees have best average time to complete his whole training (off-shore + Onshore) and become officers on ship.

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How to Join Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy?

AEMA’s interview is a little bit harder than other institute . It’s because, there are many cadets applying for Anglo every year. So , they can’t select everyone because of limited number of seats.(160 cadets in August & 80 in Feb

History of Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy

The institute at Karjat was established on 15 June 2009, and was named Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy (AEMA).

The official inauguration of AEMA was done by then CEO (Anglo-Eastern Group), Mr. Peter Cremers and his wife, Mrs. Myriam Cremers on 2nd February 2010. Ship owners and industry experts from across the globe who support Anglo-Eastern Group were also present on the occasion.

The first batch of DNS training with 120 Deck Cadets commenced at AEMA on 1st August 2009. AEMA’s growth to date has been nothing less than spectacular. After DNS programme, the first batch of GME training with 40 Engine Cadets commenced at AEMA on 1st February 2010 and the first batch of ETO training with 40 Electrical candidates commenced at AEMA on 1st July 2012.

Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy Infrastructure:

Spread over a 20 acre plot has the infrastructure to accommodate 360 students. It includes an Academic block, Administrative block, Hostel blocks, Multipurpose Hall, Mess and Dining Hall, Faculty residence, Club House, gymnasium, Basketball and volleyball courts, a swimming pool, playgrounds and a huge manmade lake for boating activities. Situated in the lush green environs at the foothills of the Sahayadri mountains, the academy has the perfect ambience
for learning and hands-on practical training.

Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy (AEMA) Review (5/5)

Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy is No. 1 Maritime academy in India with 100% Placement record in 600+ Anglo Eastern managed vessels sailing across the globe, although the system around in AEMA is quite strict.

  • There are also various restrictions in the college like you’re not allowed a mobile phone with a camera (as when I passed out in 2021), you can only go out on Sunday’s, that too for a limited period.
  • The training is actually quite better than any other maritime college for DNS, and the classes are also decent enough.
  • The weather in karjat is also decent, although it continuously rains here for 3-4 months after the season starts.

But dont expect the atmosphere to be like engineering colleges where people are partying, drinking, ordering food… No such thing is allowed and discipline shall be maintained at all times (people have been rustigated for these things)

So I suggest people to make a mindset before going to this college, as it’s a merchant navy college, it’s going to be totally different.

Yeah you’ll also have fun here, no doubt, cause shipping is actually quite an interesting subject, and everything you read or study here can be directly applied on the ship.

So I wish you well for future and make your decisions wisely.

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